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The university experience is more than the classes you take or the degree you earn. It's also about making lifelong connections 和 being p艺术 of a community that helps you grow into the person you want to be.

  • 11,600名学生(接近一半的研究生,一半的本科生)
  • 超过100个学生经营的俱乐部和组织
  • 125英亩美丽的校园空间
  • 720 acres of pristine wilderness adjacent to the Roosevelt National Forest 


学生在MG线上电子游戏的前两年住在校园里, 所以我们的社区不断地注入新面孔, 想法和经验. 你是否在生活和学习社区中测试你的翅膀, 俱乐部体育, 或者任何基于校园的学生组织, 你一定会在MG线上电子游戏找到家的.

Walk around campus in the fall 和 you'll find students relaxing on the greens, 享受着我们许多树木变化的颜色. 冬天带来了第一场雪的庆祝活动, where our community gathers for hot chocolate 和 snowball fights as students 和 教师 enjoy the pristine beauty of a snow-covered campus. 一旦雪融化, 与大自然一起盛开, you'll find our lawns 和 green spaces populated by students soaking up the Colorado sun.

有五个学生宿舍, 一系列餐饮选择,方便前往英里高城, 这是你人生道路的起点.




随着介绍 James C. 坚尼地山校园, 杜是唯一一所将城市校园和山地校园相结合的大学, offering the opportunity for every student to grow in multiple dimensions in order to lead lives of purpose, for themselves 和 for the difference you’ll make in communities around the globe. 在这里, there is something for every learner to exp和 upon 和 apply to your studies on our urban campus. 感谢慷慨的捐助者和支持者, these experiences are available with no additional financial burden to our students or their families. 

  • 埃文斯桥

    德里斯科尔学生中心: 德里斯科尔是校园里学生活动的中心. It's centrally located so you can grab your books 和 DU gear at the bookstore, 去上课的路上喝杯咖啡, 与朋友聚会, or access many of the student 和 career-support services we offer all in one place.

  • 在一个昏暗的春天里

    安德森学术共享: Home to our print 和 digital libraries as well as academic support services, Anderson is a modern take on the college library 和 a perfect place to study 和 focus on achieving your goals. 你还会发现一家咖啡店, a digital media center 和 quiet meeting rooms where you can work on projects with other students.

  • 学生在草坪上阅读

    绿色空间: Our campus is home to an arboretum with over 2,100 trees 和 lush lawns near almost every building. 你会有很多伸展的空间, 享受科罗拉多300天的阳光,和你的朋友们一起活跃起来.

  • 锻炼空间

    健身及健康设施: 在丹佛方圆数英里都能看到里奇中心的金色尖顶. The center houses our NCAA athletics facilities 和 the Coors Fitness Center. 作为一名学生,你可以免费使用健康中心 & 咨询中心,还有我们的奥运泳池, 一面攀岩墙和一系列其他运动设施.

  • 山校区

    James C. 坚尼地山校园: DU体验的最新提升, 我们的山区校园为学生提供了反思的机会, connect 和 explore Colorado's stunning natural l和scapes—enhancing our signature 4 d的经验




Our formal policy on climate change 和 sustainable development utilizes our p艺术nerships 和 academic efforts in research, teaching 和 service to increase our sustainability 和 improve awareness in the community.

Marcus Commons的演讲


Ten students in the Daniels College of Business' Real Estate 和 Built 环境 program divided into teams 和 presented ideas for transforming Marcus Commons into a flexible, 功能和协作空间.


艺术 & 活动

有100多个学生社团, 校园里从不缺少可做的事情, 与阿尔卑斯俱乐部一起探索落基山脉, 和你的朋友一起参加俱乐部运动, 或者通过我们的服务组织帮助改善当地社区. 曲棍球赛季期间,校园里灯火通明, 和 our cultural festivals bring people together to celebrate 和 express the many experiences of our diverse community.

We've built a campus that serves as a cultural hub for our students 和 the city we call home. 纽曼表演艺术中心举办音乐会, 来自世界各地的文化偶像的戏剧表演和演讲. 在我们的艺术画廊和校园里的小剧场, you can contribute your voice to cultural conversations 和 learn from contemporary 艺术ists hailing from Denver 和 beyond.

最重要的是, we strive to foster a diverse 和 inclusive community that respects every perspective 和 encourages intellectual exploration. 因为我们是无教派的,我们支持所有信仰的人. 通过课堂作业, 社区项目和校园讨论和倡议, 我们努力让所有背景的人都参与到对话中来.

Come explore with us 和 discover how the Pioneer spirit animates every member of our community.

艺术 & 活动



从泡菜到3D打印, 杜的学生, 教师, staff 和 community member showed off their homemade goods at the DU制造商市场, 由可持续发展中心提出.



MG线上电子游戏和包容性卓越举办一年一度的杜第一场雪. 学生, 教职员工用热巧克力和甜甜圈来庆祝这一节日, 同时在德里斯科尔格林的火坑旁取暖.




We believe life 和 learning should complement each other, two p艺术s of the whole college experience. 作为先锋, you'll have access to support systems that help you capitalize on your strengths 和 transform your dreams into reality.

We've built a Career Services system to help you maximize the opportunities available to you 和 discover new ones through our connections to Denver 和 our global alumni community. 我们会帮你找到实习机会,让你获得宝贵的工作经验. When it's time for the next step, we'll provide support as you search for a fulfilling job.

我们相信帮助校园里的每个人追求自己的目标. 多样性对我们的社会至关重要, 我们致力于满足每个种族的人的需求, 性别与性取向. 你会有一个保险箱, welcoming environment where you can explore your identity 和 discover who you really want to be, 不管你的背景或你来自哪里.



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